Now Enrolling 2016-2017 Classes

We are committed to providing leadership in education and training that prepares individuals to be effective citizens of the community.


2016-2017 Class schedules

11/06/16 to 01/28/17 (Start enrollment 10/01/16)
Board Exam: 2/06/17 to 2/11/17

02/04/17 to 04/29/17(Start enrollment 12/01/16)
Board Exam: 05/01/17 to 05/06/17

05/06/17 to 07/27/17(Start enrollment 03/01/17)
Board Exam: 07/31/17 to 08/05/17)

08/05/17 to 10/21/17(start enrollment 06/01/17)
Board Exam: 10/30/17 to 11/04/17

Requirement for Admission:

1. Must be 18yrs old above
2. High school diploma/GED
3. Social security
4. Immunizations records(submit within 10 weeks while in the class)
5. BLS CPR healthcare provider(can be taken after the class)
6. Driver License or ID

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Flexible Learning

Integrated Courses

This program is designed to incorporate the best features of face-to-face in class sessions with web-based activities and resources.

Campus Courses

Campus training is divided into two categories: Fast Tracks and Traditional. MedTek College is commited to giving you the tools and fundamentals needed to build that foundation and stability for life.

Online Courses

This electronic learning (e-learning) or technology supported education/learning (TSL) allow students to take courses without any need to attend class on campus.

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Our mission is simple, to educate minds needed in this ever changing world we live in. MedTeK’s academic faculty are working collaboratively with the communities to ensure excellent courses